Things I [actually] needed for baby and I

This list is coming from someone that is a minimalist (at times lol) and my husband and I were living in a one bedroom at the time, so we couldn't afford to crowd our small place with baby things. Don't get me wrong, it really taught me to buy the things I felt I needed! … Continue reading Things I [actually] needed for baby and I


Louisa’s Birth Story

It all started on a Tuesday at around 1am. I felt a tinge of pain on my lower back. Kinda like a period cramp. I assumed it was something that would just go away, but it didn't. It just kept increasing and by 6am I figured I was in labor. Resting was the only thing … Continue reading Louisa’s Birth Story

28 weeks

Hello, 3rd trimester!! I can't believe this is the last chapter of being pregnant. It almost makes me feel a little sad because this pregnancy has been so nice and enjoyable! No wonder some women love getting pregnant haha. It's fun talking baby/pregnancy with strangers. It's like you're all in some special club 🙂 Btw, … Continue reading 28 weeks

24 weeks

I made cookies today! Oh and I'm 6 months pregnant! This pregnancy is flying by! I can't believe it. It feels like yesterday I had just found out. So much has happened in between. I've been meaning to do pregnancy updates, so from now on you'll see more of these 🙂 Baby Size & Development:  … Continue reading 24 weeks

hey baby

We've been on the quiet side lately because, well, we're having a BABY! There are so many emotions running through me as each day goes by, but the one that is constant is the excitement of growing a little family with the husband that I love so stinkin' much!I always imagined what that moment would … Continue reading hey baby