2 year anniversary

DSC_8883-2DSC_8873-2DSC_8886-2cupcake feetToday is mine and my husband’s two year anniversary! 🙂 Unfortunately we weren’t together today since he’s out to sea. I still tried to make today a day to remember because I don’t want to look back and see sadness in any day that should be celebrated! So I made it my mission to go out and remember the day we got married. I went to Sprinkles (a really good cupcake shop) and bought a red velvet cupcake since we had a red velvet wedding cake. Then I went to Sunset Cliffs to relax and watch the sunset since it was the first place we went to right after we got married. I knew about a week or two before that we weren’t going to be together on our anniversary, so we wrote each other letters to open today. I’m really glad we chose to do that because instead of having my husband read an electronic piece, he’ll have my letter, always. and I’ll have his. I can’t really explain our marriage in words. We are what we are. We can be walking beside each other, without holding hands, chatting it away about what I thought about this or that, and it’s like we’re the best of friends. Well we are. We get excited over discovering great cafes or getting a ‘power pump’ at Surf City Squeeze. Don’t get me started on Panera Bread. The majority of our date nights have been in movie theaters because my husband loves movies, and I don’t mind it one bit! Sometimes we communicate in ‘mmmm’s! Only we’ll understand that lol. Every time my husband comes home from work he never fails to smile and smother me with kisses and his constant smelling of my forehead. The battle in his heart with buying himself new things, because he always wants me to have newer things than him. When I’m at work I see little things he would like and I always want to share it with him to see what he thinks of it. We’re far from perfect, but with God’s grace, we make it work the best we can! I love my husband so stinkin much…


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