Grand Canyon National Park

DSC_9177We hiked the Grand Canyon’s Bright Angel Trail!! I actually thought it was going to be a piece of cake, hehe. In reality, it was a struggle, it was so hot, bugs were flying at my face, I kept hearing rattle snakes, and my knee was in a lot of pain. I actually wanted to stop hiking and turn around once I heard rattle snakes, but my sweet, supportive husband pushed me to make it to our destination, Plateau Point. We started hiking at around 10am and got back to the top at around sunset. I was determined to make it back before the sun fully set! Walking back up the trail was such a struggle for me. I felt as if I was on an elliptical and I put the level at 20. Tough stuff, I tell ya. I even had to have my husband carry my load (my camera, camera bag, and purse). So thankful for him. It was definitely a journey I will never forget. Like I said in my last post, The Grand Canyon was one of those places where I just had to visit! It was such a beautiful place that I hope everyone can experience one day! Now I can cross it off my bucket list! 😉 The next time we go I’m looking forward to camping there!! That will most likely be in a couple of years, since I don’t want to experience that hike in a really long time…DSC_9094 DSC_9110 DSC_9112 DSC_9132DSC_9114 DSC_9160 DSC_9161 DSC_9171 DSC_9172 DSC_9180 DSC_9186  DSC_9192DSC_9187


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