How to make homemade pumpkin pie


For the past couple of years I’ve always made pumpkin pie around Thanksgiving, or in October since all pumpkin items start peeking out. Last Fall I decided to make pumpkin pie with an actual pumpkin (a.k.a. pie pumpkin) and I am certain that I won’t be making my yearly pumpkin pie out of the can pumpkin! I’m super big on baking homemade because all things homemade taste so much better! Feel free to follow along with my ‘how to’ post to make your pumpkin pie this year! It’ll be worth it 🙂


DSC_9380 copyDSC_9402 copyDSC_9432 copyDSC_9463 copyDSC_9474 copyDSC_9520 copyDSC_9522 copyDSC_9527 copyDSC_9552 copyDSC_9623 copy

[EDIT: No need to purchase organic ingredients.]


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