letsfrolictogetherIt’s been so hard to take a breather. Every which way, I have felt like a cinder block was added on my shoulders. There were many times where I had to fake a smile, and at the end of the day realizing that helped so much. I now know what it feels like to lose someone close to my heart. Memories just stroll in your head as if you were watching an old film in a tiny theater, and remembering and thanking God for hearing “te quiero mucho” from the last conversation. This month has been so hard for my soul, so tiring for my body, and exhausting for my mind. I’m growing up everyday and seeing that this life does have an end. And even though that may be a melodramatic thought, it’s also one that brings out the beauty in each and everyday. Knowing that tomorrow is never guaranteed leads me to want to kiss my husband and call my family and tell them I love them. At the end of the day when I’m able to lay my head down, I realize I need to handle the things this life throws at me with grace, love, and patience. The Lord’s strength is something I can’t explain, but it’s something I’m always in need of.


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