photo shoot/about us

letsfrolictogether_20131216_0026For Christmas my husband and I agreed that we wanted photos of us taken as a gift to each other. It was the best Christmas gift because every time I browse through our photos my hearts swells with joy! These photos were done by Let’s Frolic Together. I love her work so much. It’s all so unbelievably inspiring. Just thinking about sharing these photos with my children, one day, makes me want to squeal out of pure happiness.

(& I figured since I haven’t told much about myself or my husband since I’ve started this blog that I would since these are such lovely portraits of us ;))letsfrolictogether_20131216_0049I like cane sugar with my hot tea. I like going to bed early. Sunflowers are the best flowers (that’s not an opinion. lol jk). I’m shy. Homemade (everything) is my favorite. I love cooking. My instax 210 is my favorite camera. I really like owls, I don’t know I just think they’re interesting, so I collect owl things. My mom had a thing for roosters, so it feels nice to have a thing for some kind of animal like she did. I believe that Jesus Christ died for my (and everyone elses) sins, so I may live in freedom through Him! Pizza is probably my favorite food. You can add anything to your pizza to make it different every time, so it doesn’t get boring. Ice cream is my weakness, but I think I got a handle on it. & going to the farmers market down my street to try food is now my thing. Gimme some carne asada tacos and I’ll inhale em!letsfrolictogether_20131216_0050Manny; my sweet husband. He likes bold coffee and (recently) craft beer. He loves love (No really, he does ^.^). He enjoys sammies (aka sandwiches). Movies is his thing. He reads movie reviews and tells me about them. I love it. He’s really funny too. I don’t think I’ve gone one day without laughing since we started living together. He writes the loveliest poems! His writing is beautiful and so unique. His favorite food is sushi. He’s such a positive person towards bummer things in life that he influences me to be positive too. He likes stale chips (joking). & well I couldn’t have chose a better person to marry. We’re total opposites, but we understand each others differences. He spices up my life 😉letsfrolictogether_20131216_0159letsfrolictogether_20131216_0053letsfrolictogether_20131216_0113letsfrolictogether_20131216_0077letsfrolictogether_20131216_0158*sigh*… ❤


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