that season


self portrait

My bucket list has been on my mind because I want to accomplish each and everyone, and continue adding more things to it. One that has been constantly on my mind has been “learn to translate the KJV Bible.” I’ve slowly been pushing myself to start reading it so I can get used to it, so far it’s been smooth sailing and I can actually see the big difference between the new translations. My eyes are constantly being opened. I’m in a world where we all want it “modernized,” and to the standard of today’s society, even if it means changing a couple things here and there just to compromise and make everyone happy. It reminds me that I’m constantly trying to please this person and that person, and I forget I need to please God. It’s that season where I keep repeating myself, and I’m pretty sure I just need to be silent and pray. I will never be in control of the things around me or how society influences so many things, but as long as the Lord is constant in my life I can rest in Him. It’s been a tough season, but I would love to see the fruits bloom forth when I do walk out of this season as I continue to seek Christ.

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