3 years

Manny_Carol-138Two days ago we celebrated our 3 year anniversary. It was a busy day, so once I saw my husband’s face after a tiring morning/afternoon, all was well and I felt like I could rest. Looking back at year 3, I realized we didn’t get much time together due to him being out to sea at weeks at a time. We didn’t get to adventure too much either because of his crazy work hours. Some days I would be waking up for work when he’d be getting into bed. Those were the hardest. We didn’t realize this till we laid down to sleep and reminisced a bit about the past year. It’s weird how much you realize when you look back, but we didn’t mind. It was the cards we were dealt with, and I like to think we both handled it quite well!Manny_Carol-139So in honor of our 3 year anniversary I figured why not look back and reminisce about the best of day of my life… It might be too long of a story to write in one blog post, but we’ll see 😉Manny_Carol-1The day before my wedding is a story I’ll tell my children and possibly my grandchildren because it’s actually really funny. I’ll try to start at the very beginning… Till this day, leaving my parents home was the hardest thing I had to do. I was getting cold feet because they were my comfort zone and love for the past 20 years. Thinking about it makes my throat hurt lol. I hugged my dad good-bye with teared filled eyes early in the morning (even though I’d see him again at my wedding) as I was on transit to New Mexico to be with my sister and mom for a couple days before heading out to San Diego (that’s where we were getting married). I got on the plane and cried my heart out because I was leaving my home, friends, family, and so much love, for the man that wanted me as his wife, the man I wanted as my husband.Manny_Carol-5 I got to New Mexico and the days flew by, and my sister and I were on our way to San Diego. It was about a 9 hour drive. We stopped by a gas station and I didn’t fill up the gas tank all the way up because well, I didn’t have enough money to fill up a gas guzzling SUV and it was my turn to pay, hah! So we were driving through the mountains and we heard on the radio that there was a black out and I wasn’t sure how bad it was. The sun started setting and we figured “well there NEEDS to be a gas station open, right??” We GPS’d a bunch of gas stations and it was pitch black, everywhere! We were panicking a bit because we were running low on gas, and we had to meet up with my best friend that was stuck in her hotel room in the dark (mind you, I’m laughing as I’m typing all of this hahaha). We figured we’d pick her up, and continue looking for an open gas station, so we did just that. There was a lot of looting going on and people going a bit crazy. We drove near 32nd street, and if anyone knows about 32nd street it’s not the safest area to be in during a black out, but what did we know at the time? We’d never been to San Diego. Eventually the car ran out of gas and we were stuck sleeping in the car till my dad, aunt, and brother came to rescue us all the way from Burbank at 3 in the morning… Yep, they loves us very much! In the process of all this I was emailing my soon to be husband back and forth complaining that I was gonna look tired on our wedding day and “what if the power doesn’t come on by the time we get married?” wah, wah, wah… Before I go on, I have to say this before the confusion begins, he was coming home from a deployment and our only way of communicating was through e-mail and crappy reception phone calls.

and that’s what I’ll end with tonight…

(Photos by Yuna Leonard Photography)


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