3 years, continued.

Manny_Carol-291After we got rescued at 3am, we went back to the hotel and tried to catch up on sleep (i mean, not really though). My sister and I woke up at 6am so we can welcome my soon to be husband back from deployment. I was all sorts of nervous and excited to see his beautiful face!! We were txting back and forth before they let all the sailors off the ship, there were lots of “i love yous” and “I can’t believe we’re getting married today!’s” We finally found each other through the huge crowds of family members, and wives. We didn’t let each other go for what felt like an hour. I’m convinced time stopped, and everyone disappeared in a snap of a finger when we embraced each other. There are no words to describe what it felt to touch and kiss Manny after those few months, so I’ll just keep it at that šŸ™‚Manny_Carol-109We were finally on our way to start our wedding day! We dropped him off after having lunch at in-n-out. My sister, best friend, and I were on a mission to get my make up done and find a tie for Manny. It’s very surprising how hard it is to choose a tie. So thankful for their patience! Ha! We were in a rush, so the first part of the day felt like it went by in a snap of a finger and we finally showed up at the San Diego County Administration Building. This wasn’t your typical kind of wedding. It was one that was planned in one phone call and a couple emails lol, but it was our wedding. We wanted it to be very intimate, so our immediate family and close friends were invited…IMG_7737As we were getting our marriage license, I realized that Manny had never left. You know when someone is gone for a while, and you look at them and tell yourself, “It’s like he was never gone.” That’s something that I always said when I first started getting to know Manny. When we were friends we would chat on the phone for hours on end, about random things. There was endless things to chat about. And when we’d go a couple months without talking to each other, we would answer each others phone call and pick right back up were we left off. It’s silly, but I loved that feeling because in my heart he was always present in my life despite of his physical body not being near me.IMG_7717 copyAfter becoming one with my husband in front of our family and friends, and in the presence of God… We went to eat and celebrate with everyone! I can’t thank everyone enough that came out to support us/love us on our special day. And for my dear parents who held me close and sheltered me the best they could so I would know more love than pain. With much battle, they let me go at 20 years old and trusted Manny to do the job of holding me close and loving me.IMG_8084I can definitely understand now when people say marriage is hard. It is. There are things around in this world that will tear you down. There are feelings that come and go, that make you question your ability and strength as a wife/husband. But those days when you wake up and realize you’re both working towards a goal, it’s worth it. Loving God and loving people. We may struggle doing those two things, but I know that iron sharpens iron. And if my husband is feeling weak, I’ll try to sharpen those edges how ever the Lord may choose to use me. This year has been filled with the best reunions and the most amazing love, but it’s also been a difficult transition and renewing of spirits. I can say with absolute assurance that there’s nothing more beautiful than trusting in God when you’re all out of resources because I know (2 Corinthians 12:9) His strength is made perfect in my weaknesses. Marriage is beautiful in all it’s messy-ness, all the tears, all the laughter, all the “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” statement’s lol, all the “How many baggu’s are you gonna buy???” statements (yep, those have happen repeatedly), the dance sessions, the cvs runs for snacks, the sushi Manny eats, the car pooling, the dishes that have been broken (cough cough), the arguments about who gets to wash the dishes, the countless conversations about sociology because sociology is awesome (they range from race to poverty, actually anything really), the documentaries watched (watch Sir!, No Sir! My favorite), and the movies watched and talked about. I can go on forever, but from my own eyes… Marriage is beautiful. I got married young, and people may frown upon that, but guess what? I get to wake up next to my best friend every morning šŸ˜‰

& some of my favorite photos that were captured by Yuna Leonard

IMG_7615 IMG_7672 IMG_7718 IMG_7725Manny_Carol-274By the way, I’m beyond thankful for my friends that flew all the way to California from Florida! I wanted them to be there so bad because these 3 mean so much to me IMG_7773 IMG_8030 IMG_8106IMG_8042


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