DSC_1110The one question I really didn’t like hearing was, “Do you know how to cook?” when I was going to get married because I didn’t know how to cook haha. I would watch my mom cooking sometimes, but I was never interested in learning how to cook I just always thought when the time would come around I would just know. I was completely wrong haha. My cooking “instincts” did kick in, but I’ve made plenty of mistakes 😉

DSC_1115I love being in the kitchen now! I really really love it! I love my husband sitting down by the kitchen table, watching me, and just being near by waiting to help. Cooking and being in the kitchen makes me feel more feminine! I love the feeling of serving my husband and doing my duties as a wife. I know now a days so many people are being criticized for being a typical wife that cooks, cleans, and serves her husband at home. But there’s something so powerful about that that makes me happy and it fulfills me! To me, there’s nothing demeaning about serving my husband. If anything it’s the most meaningful job I hold because the look on his face when he takes the first bite of a zucchini lasagna I made, fills me.  Cooking and learning new dishes was something I thought I would just know, but I’ve had to learn along the way and I’ve learned way more than just cooking great meals! 🙂 & one thing I can say is, cook with love! That really is the special ingredient… ❤


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