DSC_1888Manny and I have been drinking some iced coffee from the cold brew coffee concentrate I’ve been making. More him than me. He even requested that I buy a larger pitcher so we can have more on hand. But really I wouldn’t mind either 😉 All it really is is water and coffee grounds. With each cup of water I usually add 1/4 cup of coffee grounds. You can add less or more, it really depends on the kick you need. Just shake it up and put it in the fridge till the next morning. & in the morning I add 1/2 cup of concentrate with 1 cup of water, a splash of milk, over ice! With this warm weather creepy up… It’s a lot more refreshing! DSC_1891Growing up my mom always discouraged my siblings and I from taking over the counter medication if we ever had a cold, headache/migraine, or cramps. Instead she would make us soup and my grandma would make me this tea I could barely swallow, and sometimes salt and water to gargle (I’m sure everyone knows that one LOL). I’m thankful for those little things shes taught me because natural remedies are really the best in my opinion. So yep, I’ve become one of those annoying “oily” people lol. I can’t help it!!! Really though I could, but I was just so interested in seeing if essential oils really worked, so I bought a couple for my skin because I have little bumps/zits on the side of my face that never seem to want to go away. After my first night using (especially tea tree oil) them they really did start to go away. Lavender oil has been one of the oils I use to put me at ease and fall asleep faster. I’ve inherited migraines from my mom, so I’ll be making a migraine serum for those pesky migraines that come out of nowhere. There are tons of uses for them. I’m really excited to finally experiment! 🙂


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