donuts + life

SCN_0002 I looked up at my phone at 5:48am and excitedly cuddled in my blankets because I knew it meant donuts, soon. We showered and waited in line for some super yummy donuts from the Donut Bar. Not realizing how much 12 (yes, 12!) donuts really is, we got em! Thankfully our neighbor excitedly took some off our hands. SCN_0001 SCN_0003We took some to the Cliffs to enjoy with some french press coffee from my travel mug. SCN_0004+ Sitting down on our blanket talking about the things we’re looking forward to, bouncing off ideas, kissing, hugging, laughing about how many donuts we have left, pointing out the pterodactyls flying near the water (AKA pelicans), realizing how much more wonderful the cliffs are early mornings (solitude), and just simply enjoying a new day. I’m pretty happy!


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