hey baby

DSC_2782-2We’ve been on the quiet side lately because, well, we’re having a BABY! There are so many emotions running through me as each day goes by, but the one that is constant is the excitement of growing a little family with the husband that I love so stinkin’ much!DSC_2790-2I always imagined what that moment would be like when I would take THAT test… and it was just weird! Haha there were a couple signs that I was pregnant, so I decided to take a test one morning. A couple minutes later two pink lines appeared!! I could not believe it, and when I showed Manny he said, “That means you’re pregnant, right?” and then freaked out a little bit (in the best way possible). I took a couple more tests just confirm because, you know, fifth times a charm 😉 I mean it still didn’t hit me till two months later when we went to our first ultrasound… Such an awe of seeing your little one move around on the big screen!DSC_2793We’re both so excited for what God has in store for us! & we’re extremely thankful for all the congratulations, and positive thoughts thrown our way! This avocado sized baby is so loved already 🙂

Oh and what would a blog post be without food?! We celebrated announcing our pregnancy with super duper yummy waffles topped with avocado and candied bacon… *DROOL* DSC_2807


2 thoughts on “hey baby

  1. Oh my goodness, congratulations! I’ve been wondering if you two were walking down that road, yet 😊 I’m so excited for you! I hope you do update us with posts and pictures of your new adventure! I know both you and Manny are going to make wonderful parents, I miss you lady! 😙

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