My Pregnancy Needs


When I found out I was pregnant I knew I would need a number of things to get a little more comfortable and relaxed with the changes going on with my body. It was a pretty exciting process to seek out all this random pregnant stuff! So here are a couple of my favorite items…

  1. Vitamin Code RAW prenatal. This one is an obvious need, but I wanted a vitamin that contained iodine and that I could confidently take knowing that my little bun is getting most of what I’m taking (RAW whole food multivitamins are better absorbed in the GI tract). And another plus is that it contains probiotic microorganisms! (aka healthy bacteria)
  2. Bra Extender. My bras currently don’t fit anymore. Thankfully, though, ONE does! Haha thank you Victoria Secret for measuring me wrong, which resulted in buying a bigger size than needed that currently fits. With the bra extender on hand, I can now use it whenever it starts feeling snug and tight because I know my waist is not going to stay one size from here on out.
  3. Pregnancy Journal. I just love putting time aside and writing out all my feelings, hopes, dreams, etc. each month/month in a half! Who knows if my child will be interested in reading all my weird pregnancy feelings, but I love that I’ll have the memories to look back on.
  4. Jojoba Oil. My skin has been unbelievably dry since I hit my second trimester, so jojoba oil has been my go to for moisture.
  5. Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil. I love the smell of this stuff! It’s like a citrus + lavender bomb. & yes, I know stretch marks are hereditary, but it doesn’t hurt to try 😉 I also use this Organic Belly Balm, but the smell is just a little strange to me. I rotate with each one.
  6. Recently I started feeling kind of guilty for eating reese’s peanut butter cups/starburst/sour skittles (my favorite chocolate/candy) because of all the unnatural ingredients. I just kept thinking how horrible it was for my baby, so I decided to search for a more natural approach to enjoying my favorite sweets! I found Torie & Howard Chewie Fruits and Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups to be just as good! But I ain’t perfect, so I may sneak in a Reese’s or two 😛
  7. Aromatherapy Mineral Bath. I love taking baths. It’s like my sacred alone time where I think, relax, and just get away from all the chaos. I’ve been feeling aches here and there (mostly my back and neck), so it’s always nice to get into a nice warm bath. I would suggest a pregnancy massage too, which I got last month (my first ever massage BTW)! I wanted to hug the masseuse right after. They’re pretty expensive, so I say take advantage of the prices on
  8. EXERCISE! Which isn’t pictured, but is mentally. I thought working out would be hard during this pregnancy, but it’s been the one thing I constantly look forward to. It always gives me a boost of energy even on my groggiest days! And the days I can’t go to the gym I usually keep up with doing yoga at home. Stretching, breathing, and moving just does amazing things to the body.
  9. PRAYER! Which is also not pictured. When I found I was pregnant I really couldn’t believe it, but I just kept thanking God and praying that things go smoothly and peacefully. Nothing is in my control, and truly believe in the power of prayer!

One thought on “My Pregnancy Needs

  1. Love Earth Mama Angel Baby as well! I have their nipple butter too which was a life saver during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. I posted about their products on my blog too 🙂

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