26 weeks

DSC_3220 Baby Size & Development: 

Baby Lou (nickname) is about the size of a butternut squash (14.0 inches) and weighs almost 2 lbs! Lou has officially started opening and closing his/her eyes, and is soaking up my antibodies to build his/her immune system.

Signs & Symptoms:

Getting a full night sleep has been a struggle. As you can see I’m getting larger, so my wardrobe is limited to a couple maternity items I have. I figured I could go without maternity clothes, but I was wrong when I realized I can’t lounge around or hangout in a dress/skirt for a couple months. I don’t know, I’m such a jeans/shorts kinda woman. & yeah I caved in and bought leggings. If you know me you’d never see me in leggings, but being pregnant is my only exception 😉 The heartburn has begun as well! It’s such a strange feeling since I never really struggled with that, but it’s temporary!


I’m back to craving salads, steak, and sweet potatoes. I usually don’t cave into most of my cravings, which I guess most would consider me kinda boring for doing that. Sometimes I just can’t justify the whole “I’m pregnant and I can eat whatever I want.” I could, but I usually feel more satisfied with a healthy meal 🙂

What I Most Look Forward To:

My glucose tolerance test! It’s weird, but every little test we get through just means we’re closer to meeting our little Lou!

Getting through our birthing class! Already in our first class we’ve had to step out of our comfort zone, so I feel like my husband and I will be benefit a lot from answering questions, thinking deeper about birth, and learning from others thoughts/concerns.

DSC_3221So far things in this pregnancy have been such a breeze! All the ailments and discomfort don’t seem to matter when I think about what a blessing it is to carry and nurture our baby. Sometimes it amazes me that something so tiny can just grow, grow, and grow… and be mobile in a blink of an eye. I’m in awe of God…DSC_3222


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