34 weeks

fujifilm (1 of 1) (+ 5 days) The 3rd trimester has been kicking my butt. I’ve been meaning to update with belly pics, but my energy level is pretty depleted. I don’t mind though as I’m catching up on some sleep and spending time with my honey 😉fujifilm2 (1 of 1)Size & Development: 

Baby is the size of a honeydew! Weighs about 5 pounds and could possibly be as tall as 20 inch (woah). & apparently has a sleep schedule already, which I’ve noticed is a very good one! Haha baby is usually active in the morning and evening.

Signs & Symptoms:

Heartburn, of course.

Carpal tunnel, yay!

& overall just fatigued. Pregnancy really isn’t for the weak.


Sweets! I thought sweets would never be a problem as I’m really good with self-control in the sweets department, but I don’t know whats gotten into me. I just salivate for some sweet candy!

Red meat. This one has been on the list since my first trimester. I just love my burgers and prime steak! 😀

What I look forward to the most:

Some days I really look forward to meeting my baby, but some days I tell myself I can wait since I really do enjoy sleeping in right now haha! Overall, like I’ve said before I’m just looking forward to soaking up these last couple days with my husband and enjoying the last couple weeks of this pregnancy 🙂


2 thoughts on “34 weeks

  1. Sweetie, we can’t even sleep thinking about all the kisses were going to give..smell the footsies…go brrrreee, and BRRRRREEEE in the belly of the gift…the GOOD LORD has given us. We love you Mija, oh LORD, HE knows how HAPPY we are…

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