Things I [actually] needed for baby and I

This list is coming from someone that is a minimalist (at times lol) and my husband and I were living in a one bedroom at the time, so we couldn’t afford to crowd our small place with baby things. Don’t get me wrong, it really taught me to buy the things I felt I needed!


Swaddle blankets – We had a plethora of blankets, but my favorites were the aden & anais. They were so soft and light weight. Perfect for summer babies!

Newborn onesies – After Louisa was born, I never realized how many onesies she would end up spitting up on. The last thing on my mind was doing laundry, so have a good amount of onesies on hand.

Wrap/sling – The one thing I was adamant about was bonding with my baby, so wearing her everywhere was a no brainer! I loved both the wrap and sling, but I’d say the wrap was my favorite during the newborn phase ❤

Boppy newborn lounger – Every morning my husband and I would wake up and put Louisa right on our thighs and stare/talk with her… We couldn’t do that the whole day (as much as we would have liked!), so we’d end up letting her chill in her lounger whenever I’d end up cooking or dancing for her or reading to her!

BabyBjörn balance bouncer – This was a purchase I was very on and off about. I kept asking myself, “Am I really gonna use this?” and with much research and thought, my grandma bought it for Louisa. One of my favorite baby items that I’m so excited for all my babies to use one day! Louisa always looked content and comfortable in it. As she got older, it was always fun for her to bounce in. We ended up buying the wooden toy (I coupon hard online, so I got a great price for it) and it was so fun seeing her play around with those weird looking things lol.


Nursing bras – I didn’t do much research on nursing bras, I just picked which ever ones I thought were okay. I personally like the seamless clip ones versus the slip off your shoulder one.

Water Bottle – WATER. WATER. WATER. Besides food, water is my favorite. I just love knowing I’m hydrating all the cells in my body (laughing face emoji). If you’re breastfeeding, you should know that your milk is 88% water, so I was drinking about a gallon of water a day to make sure I wouldn’t “dry up.” Surprisingly, I’m not a caffeinated mama! 😉

Bottom Spray – Like I said in my previous post, I tore pretty bad, so I wanted to make sure everything down there was healing and if this bottom spray would help in anyway then why not. Besides using padsicles, this helped the discomfort.

Lansinoh therapearl 3 in 1 breast therapy – It’s funny prior to having a baby I use to stock this item at my previous job and think, “What the heck is this?!” And I actually saw a lot of women buy it. I never thought I would need it… Until my milk came in! Engorgement hurts people. Freezing it and putting on myself was such a friggin relief. It helped in those moments I thought I was developing mastitis too!

Motherlove Nipple Cream – I used this multiple times a day, during the first couple weeks of nursing Louisa. It was safe for her to get some in her mouth, so I didn’t have to worry about wiping myself off all the time. And most importantly, it healed me of the cracking and bleeding! What also helped was going topless too! My midwives advised me that covering up all the time (aka moisture) really doesn’t help with your bleeding cracked nipples. Kinda embarrassing to talk about, but I’m just trying to be real here and help a new mama out!

There were probably other items I used, but these are the ones that were pretty much a staple to me and things I wouldn’t want to mother again without!


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