Cooking with Green Chef

Manny and I had the opportunity to receive free meals from Green Chef! Green Chef is a business that delivers quick, organic meals to your door step each week. We loved cooking their meals because they're fairly quick, and the step-by-step instructions were very easy to follow. The ingredients that we received with the meals … Continue reading Cooking with Green Chef



In the beginning of the year, Manny and I decided to start going to the ocean to relax and watch the sunset. It's always been one of my favorite things to do since we got married. Throughout the week we become so busy that we forget to sit down for a couple minutes and just … Continue reading being


The one question I really didn't like hearing was, "Do you know how to cook?" when I was going to get married because I didn't know how to cook haha. I would watch my mom cooking sometimes, but I was never interested in learning how to cook I just always thought when the time would … Continue reading Cooking


This month has started off so great! I guess all I can really express is love. Love has been overflowing around me, and it's the greatest feeling ever. Plus the weather has been transitioning from super stinkin hot to cool and bearable, which I don't mind! 😉 Since this month has been really great and … Continue reading October